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Creative Real Estate

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Creative Real Estate

Studying Creative Real Estate in Canada and the US
By Cynthia Lorenz

Studying real estate investing in Canada is a challenge. The United States has a plethora of Real Estate Guru's selling their wares. In the north, there are fewer choices, albeit likely teaching more fundamentally solid techniques. Alternatively one can jump on the bandwagon in the US, get a general overview of creative real estate by learning what the possibilities could be, discover if they could be applied to Canada, or perhaps invest in the US from Canada.

You can learn quite a lot from the American Gurus and to a certain extent for free! I will introduce you to Canadian and US courses in this article. Personally I've found like most things, the more you know, the more you know how much more there is to know, so one course is probably not enough. Perhaps everyone's path is very different, gathering information as you go. Here is a snippet of mine.

The More you Know, the More you Know there is to Know.

A uniquely Canadian way of learning is by joining the "Real Estate Investment Network" which is Calgary based, although groups meet across the country once a month. They have a fee to join for a 17 month period. There is an annual weekend with speakers held across the country. I haven't joined, but I get the impression there are countless seasoned investors to network with, find mentors, support and build your dream team. I like the idea of the monthly meetings, where there is ongoing in person support, whereas with the courses in the US, there might be a take home course, or a weekend boot camp; but from then on, you are almost entirely on your own.

There are some excellent books by Ron Campbell, the founder of REIN, and would recommend "Real Estate Investing in Canada" and "97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors". The books and club are very strong in fundamentals, although not terribly creative in technique and financing. They have various study at home courses, and apparently they are preparing a course which will be more creative. You can go to my blog for more information and links to REIN. If you go to their website, you can join in some of the forum topics.

Another group, based in Toronto, but in other areas of Canada also, is Preig Canada. You can join the website and become a member for free, where there is a forum and many articles updated daily. I've been to a number of monthly meetings, and they are worth the fee of admission. You will be presented with high quality information and people there. Many are very knowledgeable active creative investors, and others who can become part of your team. If you would like to learn creative techniques in how to find properties and financing in Canada, this is probably where to find it. Although, unfortunately the price of the courses has increased exponentially since last year. Perhaps Navtaj Chandoke, the founder, will give a special group rate if a number of people want to learn from him. Contact me and perhaps I can put some people together.

A worthy American Guru to check out is Larry Goins from Charlotte, NC. He has proved himself to be honest, the real deal, and I am comfortable recommending his courses and the team behind him. Unlike many guru's offices', if you want an answer to a question, someone will always answer the phone, and it might even be Larry himself. Larry has a new course hot off the press called Filthy Riches. It presents another way to take advantage of the low price of real estate in the US, and do it from Canada. You can watch the webinar about "Filthy Riches" from a link from my blog.

Free Webinars will introduce one to what the possibilities could be.

When you are on one guru's email list, they will introduce you to other investors in the form of presenting each other in Webinars. Start with getting on Larry Goins list perhaps. This is an excellent and free way to learn seemingly endless ways and approaches there might be to invest in real estate. Like wild fire, you get on more and more people's lists, and one learns a lot. To tell you the truth, almost the entire gist of a course is given in a webinar, except for a few secrets. However if you feel compelled enough to implement a technique, it's probably best to buy the course. It will likely include some sort of support too. Often there is a way to get the course for free if you choose to do business with the guru later, or by providing a testimonial if you've had success. Most courses will have some sort of guarantee also.

From Canada, one could attend auctions in some areas of the US to pick up cheap properties to fix and flip, just flip or hold,and rent with property management. In Toronto, red hot real estate seems too expensive to cashflow. There is a very reasonable course teaching due diligence, offered by a lawyer named Darius Barazendeh who is based in Houston, Texas. I went to Houston to implement buying property in Tax Auctions, although too many people have flooded Houston with the same idea forcing property to be auctioned for 80% of market value.. I believe the technique could work in Upper State New York, or perhaps Florida.

Another Canadian alternative is RevNue, who offers a similar American Style take home course. They have a website, and newsletter also. The take home course isn't open to new students all the time, as they provide 6 months of email support, and the husband and wife team can't support too many people at a time. This might be the most economical ways to learn I've found in Canada. The couple are open and honest unlike some of the fly-by-night american gurus. The take home course is only $397!

American and Canadian students, and peers seem to be impressed with courses offered by Dave Lindahl. He specializes in Commercial Real Estate, namely apartments, and multi-family property. He has several courses, a take home course and several types of boot-camps in many aspects of buying commercial real estate and managing the managers. He claims there isn't much more work in buying very big properties, than buying a Single Family house, and dispells the myth that one needs a lot of money to do it. I've read a couple good books he wrote "Emerging Real Estate Markets", and "Multi-family Millions ".

Using creative techniques one can buy property for a fraction of market value in Canada, although probably not in the biggest cities, but perhaps in an emerging market. You might want to look into taking advantage of the low priced properties in the US also. Where in Canada can one buy a house for $5000? You can be very creative with that! By the time you are well versed, property in the US might hit close to the bottom of the cycle, I doubt it is there yet. I am getting myself situated in terms of a market or 2 in the US, and have my tax and incorporation worked out, so I'll be ready to pounce.

Cynthia Lorenz is a real estate investor who invests in Canada and the US. Go to [] for a link to some of these courses, and other articles, and [] for real estate itself. One can contact me by email at

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